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a rainforest of Costa Rica seen through the wings of a Siproeta butterfly

Butterfly Farm and

Rainforest Conservation Project

"Been part of El Bosque Nuevo conservation effort allow me to give back to the forest and community"

We destine 100% of our profit to acquire rainforest areas for conservation, reforestation, research and preservation.

In the small town of Santa Cecilia,

El Bosque Nuevo has established a unique farm and research area of 285 hectares, where half of the land has been protected and the remaining has been reforested.


Be part of this effort, let's talk about how you can be part of this great experience.

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Speak up for the rainforest and the wildlife around the World

We keep the balance by taking from the nature only what we need and giving back with our conservation efforts


Our pupas are ambassadors of conservation and wildlife preservation, they travel around the world to butterfly gardens where people from all the altitudes can watch, enjoy and learn about the beautiful a greatness of Costa Rica and the rainforest.

El Bosque Nuevo Butterfly Farm offers more than a 100 different species of butterflies.

Butterfly Panacea prosilla

Panacea prosilla

Butterfly Siproeta Stelenes

Siproeta Sterlenes

Butterfly Colobura Dirce

Colobura Dirce

Butterfly Agria amidom

Agria Amidom

Discover and preserve Costa Rica, 8 days of oceans, mountains, volcanoes, rainforest and more…


8 Days Tour

In recently years we were opening our doors to eco-truism activities to allow people been in real contact with the forest, volcanos, beaches, wildlife, people and culture from this exuberant land.  You can be part of this amazing experience, just sign up for the next trip.

Research Center

We promote the research and study of the rainforest through our research center in full contact with the nature.   During all the year our facilities are visited by recognised scientist and groups of students  from well known universities and institutes around the world.

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As part of the conservation efforts, El bosque Nuevo creates a butterfly farm and research center, the farm teaches the community to preserve the forest through a sostenible economic activity in balance with the natural resources and provides jobs to many families in the community.  Beside that, El Bosque Nuevo Butterfly Farm counts with the support of a network of small producers from rural zones across the country to supply the growing demand of puppies around the world.

"Been part of El Bosque Nuevo conservation effort allow me to give back to the forest and community"

Ernesto Rodriguez, El Bosque Nuevo Manager

Ernesto Rodriguez

El Bosque Nuevo Manager

"My family found a new income where we keep the balance with natural resources and preserve the forest."

Jose Sandoval, Butterfly farmer

Victor Lanza

Butterfly farmer

Butterfly Farm, Costa Rica

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