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We can proudly say that with every pupae you purchase you protect a portion of the rainforest.

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a rainforest of Costa Rica seen through the wings of a morpho butterfly


El Bosque Nuevo developed a project, that now days defines us because our constant search, commitment and work, to benefit nature and give a hand to it's conservation.

The compromise that we have and we follow...

The compromise that we have and we follow, is to help preserve the forest and the species in them, by making a balance between nature and human activities and needs.

This project started in 1995, in Guanacaste (Northwestern area in Costa Rica), where 36 hectares of our property were reforested, and 50 hectares of our forest were designated for protection and conservation of native species.

Once we defined our priorities, the need of economical help became real.  In order to meet our standards and priorities, we came up with the idea to gather funds by creating the butterfly farm project, without harming nature and keeping the environmental friendly practices.  When we had the pupae-butterfly production running, we began exporting our “product” to countries all over the globe. In 2005, ten years after we started, we were able to buy another “finca” (land) of 84 hectares and designated it for the same purpose as the first one we had: reforestation, conservation and research of nature. This only happened and was possible thanks to all our customers, who helped by ordering and enjoying the pupae we export! 

In 2009, gratefully we were able to expand our protected land with an additional 94 hectares. Nowadays, we are proud to announce we have a total of 285 hectares, where half of the land has been protected and the remaining has been reforested.  We would like to emphasize that this couldn’t be done without the support and constant help of our customers, which made this entire project possible and sustainable.

We can proudly say
The compromise

We are truly thankful for all the purchases and contributions made!

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