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a rainforest of Costa Rica seen through the wings of a Panasea butterfly


The rainforest of Costa Rica posses the 5% of natural diversity of the entire world, warm people and amazing places are just part of this great adventure.

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We are truly thankful for all the purchases and contributions made!

A living laboratory to research the nature

Imagine a luxurious natural place… river streaming sound, birds singing, butterflies flying, frogs singing, thousands of insects of all colors and sizes, and the smell of the fresh forest… that’s the RAINFOREST in Mariposario El Bosque Nuevo.

Our guesthouse has served a number of visitors from universities and foreign institutions around the world. Our guests make the most of the lush biodiversity surroundings to develop their biological investigations. It is a great opportunity for students and professors to engage first-hand with nature.

In our rustic but comfortable farm-house we can accommodate groups of 10-15 guests, provide lodging, alimentation and internet access for a convenient rate.  The farm is home to butterflies and a varied fauna. With a little luck you will run into jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, anteaters, howler monkeys, tucans, different bat species, bullet and leaf-cutter ants, rhinoceros beetles and many more you could help us discover!


Once you are here immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Costa Rica with the activities El Bosque Nuevo has prepared for you.

  • Visit our greenhouses and witness the butterfly breeding process and each step of the complete metamorphosis.

  • Hike though the unique landscapes, trails, fields and woodlands guided by a local botanist to observe and explore.

  • Observe a wide range of insect specimens at night with black-lighting, you may photograph them, keep inventory, study their behaviours, etc.

  • Photograph the outdoors and natural elements such as wildlife, plants, natural scenes and close-up textures.

  • Bird watching in Costa Rica is quite an experience, although it is a small country, over 900 bird species have been recorded.

  • Visit in the nearby National Parks and bilogical reserves from the ACG (Asosiación de Conservación de Guanacaste) such as Rincón de la Vieja, Arenal Volcano, Orosi Volcano, Santa Rosa, etc.

  • Enjoy the Pacific Ocean beaches and relax, go fishing, snorkeling, kayaking or diving.

  • Nighttime expeditions give you an opportunity to witness the fascinating egg-laying ritual of endangered sea turtles.

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8 days to discover the oceans, mountains, volcanoes and rainforest of Costa Rica.

We offer a number of Ecotours throughout the year, and can customize tours specifically for your group as well.  We would love to have you join us, it's easy!  Just contact us for details.  We have a minimum of 5 guests needed for particular dates to ensure the best rates.

Butterfly Farm, Costa Rica

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